Trendy Treats: Frozen Grapes!

If you ever thought you were too lazy to make yourself a frozen treat, think again.  Frozen grapes require one ingredient: grapes.  While on vacation at the beach, I am throughly enjoying these frozen bite-sized treats.  I actually forgot about them until vacation mode set in and I wanted an easy frosty treat that wouldn’t ruin my bating suite figure.

Ok, I’m totally kidding.  I honestly don’t care how I look in a bathing suite, just care how I feel after I eat certain foods.  With a dairy allergy, boardwalk ice cream is out of the question, and I tend to like my treats to be healthy as well as delicious.  Enter frozen grapes.  They are 100% fruit (obviously!), and packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and frozen deliciousness.

Simply rinse a bunch of grapes, let them drain for a few minutes, then stick them in an air-tight container or bag in the freezer.  That’s it!  When I get home from Ocean City, I’m going to make sure I keep a bunch of these guys in the freezer at all times for whenever that frozen-treat craving hits.  You can never feel guilty when you are indulging on grapes! asked if I would share one of my favorite 4th of july recipes with them.  While I didn’t make these this past celebration, you can bet they will be on the menu next year!  Not to mention any other BBQ’s or parties I am at this summer.  They truly are a hassle-free, sweet and refreshing treat!
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