Teaser: Cacao Almond Butter and Citrus Cherry Chia Jelly Sprouted Sourdough Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly has always been my thing. Didn’t really matter the format or vehicle; if there was peanut butter and jelly involved I was a happy camper. I’ve had everything from PB&J crackers (ritz were always the best) to goober’s (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re better off) to uncrustables (because eating crust as a kid was sac-religious). My love of PB&J took a weird turn in my early teens as I decided I was much more a PB girl than J, so my sandwiches became extremely lopsided with globs of PB and only a small slathering of J. In my later teens, the J got lost completely when I decided it was too sweet for me. Eventually I lost the bread and went straight for PB because everyone knows that’s the heart of the combination. But now in my later 20’s, I understand what’s important when it comes to this staple combination. Everything in balance plusĀ using only the best nut butters, breads, and jelly make a killer sandwitch. So I’ve gourmet-ified my childhood favorite with a whole bunch of flare. Basically, I’ve thrown everything in your standard PB&J out the window and replaced it with clearly better options and flavor combinations. Let’s explore my grown-up sandwich:

1. It’s open faced. Open-faced sandwiches are always better. Why? Because you can hold more toppings per bread ratio. While you need top of the line bread and toppings, if you have more bread than toppings you are loosing the integrity of the sandwich. Think about it.

2. The bread is toasted. Don’t argue with logic; toasted bread is better than mushy bread. If you think otherwise I guess you are free to express your opinion, just know you are wrong.

3. Homemade toasted almond butter infused with a touch of cocoa butter replaces peanut butter for a grown-up subtly sweet and chocolaty note. Oh. My. God. This almond butter is the champion of almond butters! The cocoa butter really adds a depth of flavor that is truly unique. I’ve made almond butter with coconut oil, coconut butter, and other nut butters, however nothing comes close to the rich, velvety texture cacao butter adds. Not to mention the perfect pairing of sweet toasted almonds with a touch of chocolate. Dreams do come true…

4. That jelly though. Citrus Cherry Chia Jelly for the win! Most jellies and jams are too sweet for me. I love fruit, but I don’t love the added sugar. It’s unnecessary and it ruins the natural fruit flavor. I’ve made a jelly that uses only three ingredients; cherries, fresh orange juice, and chia seeds. Basically, I’ve made a jelly that is sweet while slightly tart, tangy, has a great depth of flavor, extremely fresh and free of preservatives, and packed with vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s, and protein. For the win!!

5. All the gooey deliciousness is spread on sourdough bread. I want everyone to walk into their kitchen cabinets, fridge, freezer, or wherever you keep your bread and toss it if it’s not sourdough. Why sourdough (besides it tastes better)? Sourdough is a fermentation of the flour that transforms your standard grain bread into a much more digestible and nutritious loaf. I’ll go into the “why sourdough” early next week when I share my first post about sourdough, so for now trust me. It’s better.

Are you drooling yet? Good. This bad-ass sandwich has been in my breakfast rotation for the past few weeks and I just can’t get enough! It makes a great snack as well, mid-afternoon or late night šŸ˜‰ Stay tuned for the individual recipes for each of the components of this sandwich later this week!!!

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