Peanut Butter Dream Smoothie

This smoothie.  I’m addicted.  This past weekend, I was on long island with Nick and we went to this new smoothie and juice shop.  It basically had every smoothie combination you can think of.  I glanced at the green smoothie section, but I eat enough kale on a daily basis already.  As soon as I saw the “peanut butter dream smoothie” under their classic section, I was sold.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy; I don’t need fancy fruits and crazy supplements in my drinks.  If there is chocolate and peanut butter, it’s perfect.

The ingredients listed for this smoothie were bananas, peanut butter, cocoa powder, almond milk, and raw honey.  After my first sip I knew I was going to have to try to remake it when I got home.  Now I have made this peanut butter cup smoothie before which is practically all the same ingredients, however nothing like the flavor and consistency of the one from the smoothie shop. I was able to catch a glimpse of the person making my smoothie behind piles of bananas, and saw them adding ice to the blender.  This struck me as strange at first because I never use ice to make smoothies. I always felt it waters down the smoothie which is why I freeze my fruit to avoid having to add ice.

While that is true, turns out that is not always a bad thing.  When making this smoothie, I found that adding ice gives a whole new consistency to smoothies, making them lighter and more frosty.  It also helped bring out the peanut butter flavor more.  I was so surprised and happy with the light, perfectly balanced peanut butter and chocolate flavor that I have made this smoothie every day since I got home.

Here are some tips when making this smoothie:
1.  Don’t skip the honey.  It pairs so well with the peanut butter, even 1/2 teaspoon will make a difference!
2.  Don’t think you are going to share the smoothie because it makes a lot.  There is never too much of a good thing.
3.  Use a high-speed blender (I use my vita-mix), or don’t add ice.  I tried to make this smoothie in a regular blender, and it wasn’t able to pulverize the ice all the way.  It left little ice flecks that I didn’t care for.

So dive in.  The last of summer is calling, and peanut butter and chocolate are always in season 🙂

Peanut Butter Dream Smoothie

1 frozen banana
1 cup ice
3/4-1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 Tbsp cocoa powder
1-2 Tbsp peanut butter
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 – 3 tsp honey, to taste

2 Tbsp plain, organic hemp protein powder (optional)

In a high speed blender, start on a low speed and gradually increase until everything is smooth.

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