About Margaret

Hi everyone!  I’m Margaret.  Here are some important facts to know about me…

Although peanut butter and I go way back to my competitive running days, almond butter is putting up a solid fight for top spot in my nut butter obsession.  I more than fill the requirement to eat an apple a day.  I believe a meal is not complete without something green. There is absolutely no way I could survive without chocolate, or a good glass of red wine.  I have a love – hate relationship with burpees.

If I could I’d own a huge farm with large greenhouses so all fruits and vegetables would always be in season. Until then, I’ll eat seasonally.  Homemade versions of processed foods are always better.  I do not support factory animal farming.  I love to laugh, not take anything too seriously, and find the beauty in every situation.  I hope you enjoy my recipes and more-than-necessary babble about my personal life.  Stop by often 🙂

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