2 Ingredient Chocolate Soft-Serve

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With temperatures in the upper 90’s the past week, I’ve been eating smoothies like a fiend.  Sometimes I’ve been having 2 a day!  There’s nothing better in the heat than diving into a giant, cold, refreshing smoothie.  Lately I’ve been making a watermelon cherry chia smoothie with homemade almond butter that’s to die for.  If you’ve never tried freezing watermelon and using it in smoothies you need to asap.  It’s my secret to making creamy, frosty, vanilla-y shakes that are out of this world!  Why watermelon adds a vanilla flavor to smoothies I don’t know, but I just go with it.  Or maybe it’s because I also add vanilla extract.  Whatever.  Point is frozen watermelon is delicious and you should get on that trend.

Now that I’ve gotten totally off topic, let’s go back to what this post is really about.  Because as it turns out, there IS something better (or at least on the same level) as diving into a giant, cold, refreshing smoothie in the heat of summer.  Chocolate soft serve.


I have yet to meet someone who does not like ice cream.  Now I love all kinds of ice cream, hard, soft, and blended in milkshake form.  Today is all about soft-serve, and how you can whip up this delicious treat with only two ingredients.  You read correctly, two ingredients.  It’s fast, easy, and super healthy.  To spare you the suspense this frozen dessert is made with frozen ripe bananas and cocoa powder.  That’s it!  What’s the trick?

  1.  Make sure you are freezing super ripe bananas.  You want those banana peels to be very spotted, almost black, before freezing so they are super sweet.
  2. Choose a high-quality cocoa powder.  Because there are only two ingredients in this recipe, make them count!  The cocoa really shines here so choose a brand that delivers in the flavor department.
  3. Use a high-speed blender.  I know all of you don’t have a high-speed blender, but it really makes a difference.  I use my vitamix at least once a day and can’t imagine my life without it.  You can use a food processor, however you won’t quite reach the utter smooth, creamy, light texture that a high-speed blender achieves. (don’t get me wrong, it will still be amazing 🙂


That’s it!  You don’t have to be a gourmet chief or cheat on your diet to enjoy this treat!  Personally I hate “diets”.  This ice cream is my diet.  Get on my level!!!


Two Ingredient Chocolate Soft Serve

serves one

2 frozen, super ripe bananas

2-3 Tbsp cocoa powder

1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


Add everything to the base of a high-speed blender and starting on the lowest setting, blend using the stick to move everything around.  Slowly increase the speed until a smooth, even consistency is achieved.  Pour in your favorite glass/bowl and enjoy!

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